INES is a Portuguese singer-songwriter and producer based in Lisbon. Her songwriting and production skills have led her to her first self-written self-produced release, kicking off with the first single “Trying To Kill Me” from the debut album “At War With Myself”.

Having grown up listening to different genres, from rock to pop to country music, you can hear these influences in her work that is best described as having an alternative/ indie pop vibe. INES cites Taylor Swift as her biggest influence in songwriting and hopes to connect through her music with her honest and authentic lyrics.

INES first started playing the guitar and writing songs as a young teenager, later taking a forced break from music when she started struggling with her mental health. But that did not stop her, years later she found in music a great help to get back on her feet. She started writing about her struggles and that is how her debut project was born! An avid speaker for mental health awareness, INES makes no secret of her struggles and hopes to help end the stigma around the subject.

(If you are struggling check out the resource page on this website. You're not alone!)

-inesrfernandes.com Team